Samsung Propel Package Redesign Proposal

Branding, Packaging

The packaging minimizes the materials used but is still able to maximize the design of the cell phone's packaging.

Much of today's packaging is excessive. After we open a package, we rarely think twice about it, unless it is interesting. Many are made from environmentally toxic materials, which harm the environment when wasted.

Questions I considered regarding the sustainability of this packaging: Why does someone need this? How can I improve this? I wanted the user to be attracted to the packaging enough that they would keep it and use it for their own. To introduce the idea of reusability to the user, I put a GO GREEN tag on the back of the packaging label. As a part of the campaign for sustainability, Samsung would have a special page on their website for people to post images of the way they reused their box.

This was on display in the 2010 Design by Design Showcase at UC Davis.

Samsung Propel Package Redesign Proposal from Dayee Leung on Vimeo.

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